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Drachman place

Drachman Place - The Last Nest

This commissioned project is a complete design and remodel of an existing home that was eaten by termites and non functional for the soon to retire couple.

The couple was very involved in the design of and construction process as their concern was on how the finished home would feel and function. Aesthetics were very important as the goal was to have the home be timeless. A modern execution with an inclusion of old world, sensibility.

The working office is the hub of the house hold and has access to a tea garden, the kitchen, dinning and living room. The project is warded in with lush landscape and separate courtyards dor guests quarters, master suite, office and family dinning room.


" Kevin Osborn is the creative genius whom we hired to remodel our home. Kevin is perhaps best known for his beautiful, classically formed pottery. His transition to redesigning homes is not as odd as it might appear; the living space he now creates is another form of a vessel simple, elegant and timeless.
We are so privileged to live in the heart of such a creation.
Any remodeling process is fraught with peril. There are always surprises, and it’s always expensive. Mind the adage to get three estimates and then add them together! Having said that, the process is also full of wonder and anticipation. During our collaboration with Kevin, we learned to trust his sense of balance, space, beauty and materials. The result is an environment that is altogether luscious, sensual and peaceful a home for all seasons."